Review: Bridge Constructor Stunts

Create ramps, bridges and other structures to perform death defying stunts. You’ll need building skills and the timing of a daredevil. Read our full review.

firewatch screenshot scraggly tree

Firewatch - An Indie Game Review

His life a mess, Henry takes a job monitoring a state park in Wyoming. Almost completely alone in the woods, a bizarre mystery begins to unfold. Read our full review.

Showtime 2073

Showtime 2073 - An Indie Game Review

Indie dev Bernard Nicolas presents a first person shooter that uses mechanics from Pac-Man and Unreal Tournament with destructible environments in a diminutive although intriguing package.

Review: Lamia's Game Room

Said to have the upper half of a beautiful woman and the lower half of a snake, Zeus’ mistress Lamia only makes a cameo in this unusual card game. Read our full review…

The Dwarf Run

The Dwarf Run – despite its title – is no endless runner, but a throwback to classic turn-based RPGs, with humor and some creative puzzles to boot. Read the full review.


Pythagoria - An Indie Game Review

Pythagoria is an understated casual puzzle game…or is it an educational tool for geometry students? Neither; it’s both! Read our full review and find out how.