VIDEO: Don't Starve from Klei Entertainment

IGR had a chance to speak with Klei Entertainment’s community manager about the independent development team’s first self-published title “Don’t Starve” – an “uncompromising survival game full of science and magic.”

Review: The One and One Story

The One and One Story is a free-to-play browser based platformer with a slight flair for melodrama. This game has an aesthetic style and narrative that is reminiscent of Braid in that it is a mildly bittersweet romance with a dark atmosphere in its excellent artwork. While a short experience, it has some noteworthy qualities.

Review: Auditorium

Somewhere at the junction between puzzle game, particle simulator, and synthesizer, lies Auditorium. Read the full review…

Review: New 1000 AD

Like Hyperium, 1000 A.D. is a solely text-based strategy title that can be played in any web browser. In spite of its lack of graphics or audio, can it still manage to spark the imagination? Read the full review…

Review: Gamestar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic from E-Line Media is a game, as an educational tool, a game development environment and a social media site. It’s a tall order, and more amazing to behold in action.