The King in the Shades game screen, Enemies

The King in the Shades Review

The King in the Shades by sp1r1t_d1tch_creations, is an old-school survival horror game inspired by Silent Hill. Read more…

Doomsday Hunters Review - Lock and Load

Discover the pixel art marvel that defies expectations: Doomsday Hunters by Moregames. Embracing chaos and explosive action, this isometric twin-stick shooter Rogue-like stands out in a crowded genre. With its 90s cartoon aesthetic, unpredictable level layouts, and over 1200 unlockable gear options, this game beckons you to revel in its glorious mayhem. Engage in risk-taking gameplay, blow things up, and conquer hostile aliens in a world that’s as beautifully stunning as it is delightfully chaotic.

Landline Review - Kill Waiting

Landline is a Hitchcockian puzzler built on a novel idea that is unfortunately too fiddly and vague to stand amongst its peers.