Review - Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Travel across America as you run from a ravenous throng of zombies. Make trades in cities to survive. Safe Haven is far to the west. Will you survive the trip?

2012 Indie Game of the Year presents its epic year-end game round up for 2012, top ten indie game list and lots of honorable mentions along with the most anticipated games for 2013. Dive in!

air_buccaneers-screenshot flamethrower

Review: Air Buccaneers

Air Buccaneers from indie developer Ludocraft Ltd. pushes the emerging aerial dirigible combat genre forward, this time featuring Vikings! Read the full review of Steam’s latest Greenlight voted game…

Towns 3

Review: Towns

Despite having been released on Steam, Towns from SMP is still being developed at the moment. New features are going to be added in the future as the game approaches completion. This review will focus on the game as it exists at the moment, rather than on its impressive potential.

Review: Conquest of Elysium 3

Conquest of Elysium 3 features a sixty-page manual in PDF format that is filled with more than just the credits list and some shortcut keys, it explicitly outlines everything from how to play, what to do and even some good back story. And you will need it.

botanicula - screenshot 1

Review: Botanicula

From Amanita Design, Botanicula is an incredibly engaging illustrated point and click adventure that confounds and surprises at every turn. Read the full review…


Review: Blue Libra 2

Blue Libra II is the follow up to the space-combat title from indie developer Orator Games available for PC, iOS, Linux and Mac. Read the full review…

Snorms - an isometric shooter - screenshot

Review: Snorms

Snorms is an isometric shooter which may be influenced by DOOM from French developer Jean-Baptiste Simillon. Read the full review…

Dynamite Jack game - screenshot - patrolling guards

Review: Dynamite Jack

With easy to pick up gameplay, tight controls and clean GUI, Dynamite Jack from indie developer Hassey Enterprises, Inc. proves far more engaging than one might suspect. Read the full review…

the journey down - screenshot

Review: The Journey Down: Part 1

A review of point-and-click adventure “The Journey Down: Chapter 1” from indie game developer SkyGoblin. With pretty set dressing and some quirky characters, does it merit its asking price?

the_dream_machine-security camera room screenshot

Review: The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine is an awe-inspiring near cinematic point and click adventure indie game. Read the full review…

Review: On The Shoulders Of Ancestors

Developed by Jaroslav Meloun (aka Jarnik), On The Shoulders Of Ancestors is a vertically scrolling platformer with a few unique twists to its gameplay and a charming retro artistic theme. Read the full review…

shepherd slaughter screenshot

Review: Shepherd Slaughter

Shepherd Slaughter is an adventure game and roguelike, using a top down perspective with relatively simple graphics. The game has an impressive features list highlighting the variety of monsters and environments on offer in its randomly generated world.

red eclipse

Review: Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse is Quake-style fast-paced shooter that offers a nice range of play modes and modifiers. Read the review…