Prison Architect: the question of rehabilitation

Review: Prison Architect

Prison Architect is brilliantly designed tycoon game, despite some possibly problematic elements in its presentation of the criminal justice system. Keep your head down, do your time and read our full review.

Mushroom 11, screenshot 2

Review: Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 offers a new approach to the puzzle platformer. Destroy and regenerate a blob of mold across a perilous landscape bristling with deadly traps. Read our full review.

Satellite Reign: team close-up

Review: Satellite Reign

Satellite Reign, billed as a “spiritual successor” to legendary cyberpunk game Syndicate, fits the bill, with both the joys of a living city and open world play style and the exasperation of poor AI and slow performance.

Her Story game screenshot, interview scene 2

Review: Her Story, an FMV Murder Mystery

Somewhere between full motion video adventure and interactive film, Her Story is a compelling game that requires you to assemble the narrative for yourself by searching through a database of interrogation room footage. Read the review…

infinifactory screenshot 2 assembly

Review: Infinifactory by Zachtronics

After being abducted by aliens, you’re forced to construct factories for them. Use your jet pack and craft crazy convoluted machines. Read our full review.