Review: The Cat and the Coup

In playing documentary game Cat and the Coup, one gets the same sense of cross-cultural influences as comparative to whirlwind tour of a foreign art gallery. Within the encapsulation of a 2D side-scroller, traditional Persian artwork combine with black and white rotoscoping, somber caricatures of figures and peoples, and pictures from the historical press. An unusual mix of Erik Satie and Nine Inch Nails saturate the aural space with viscosity. Despite the imagery’s perspectival flatness, the actual experience of the visual scope is labyrinthine. Read the full review…

Kerbal Space Program screenshot

Preview: Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program, by Squad Games, is a free space simulation game that consists of creating rockets and sending your astronauts called Kerbals into space. It’s still in development, and at this current moment in time doesn’t have much in the way of objectives or goals. Read the review and see how its coming along…

pax brittanica game screenshot 1

Pax Britannica

Created for the Gamma IV competition,Pax Brittanica is an engrossing indie title that asks if players can defend a battleship and sink another using only one button.

proun game track 1b

Review: Proun

Proun is a great-looking 3D psychedelic racing game by indie developer Oogst. Find out why it became so popular after its release (over 1.2 million HTTP requests) that its website went down for the entire weekend


Review: Picaroon

Picaroon is an RTS with some MMO elements (or what the devs call an MMORTS; it’s free to play, but if you really want to wallop your opponents, be prepared to shell out the doubloons.