Ruins from Cardboard Computer - title image

Review: Ruins

Ruins, and indie game from Cardboard Computer has you directing a dog through an atmospheric 3D landscape of charred trees and broken walls. Its story and presentation are utterly its own.

Review: Keys of a Gamespace

Keys of a Gamespace by Sébastien Genvo working with the University of Metz team offers a stab into a rare genre of gaming – of theory and psychology. Read the full review…

Review: Alien Rescue - Episode 1

A review of Alien Rescue – Episode 1 – a top-down shooter from Romanian indie game developers RomBots team. A free game for Android devices.

bleating sheep - a diving night out

Review: A Divine Night Out

Maybe the most important thing to note about Bleating Sheep Productions’ “A Divine Night Out” is that it isn’t actually a game. Read the full review…