Franky Fox Academy

Franky Fox is an action-based educational game from indie developer Freddy Hinds. Will it receive top honors in our review?

Retention indie game screenshot - living

Review: Retention

A man’s life hangs in the balance as images from his life cry out to be claimed as his true memories. Can his past be reconstructed before time runs out? Find out in Retention…

Xperiment SB1 Screenshot 2

Review: Xperiment SB1

In Xperiment SB1 from Interactive Exchange Company, you take on the role of some form of microorganism known as Furry Ball. Your life consists of floating around in fluid absorbing whatever comes too close to you. Read the full review…

Review: Pocket Summoner for iOS

Pocket Summoner is a Pokemon-inspired PvP online Freemium game for iOS that awards those willing to open their wallets, but that offers sufficient “non-paying” adversaries to grant much idle time killed going back and forth obsessively


Review: Picaroon

Picaroon is an RTS with some MMO elements (or what the devs call an MMORTS; it’s free to play, but if you really want to wallop your opponents, be prepared to shell out the doubloons.

Atom Zombie Smasher move infantry screenshot

Review: Atom Zombie Smasher

A review of Atom Zombie Smasher from Blendo Games wherein the writer notes the fresh take on the increasingly tiresome zombie apocalypse genre has a bite taken out of it.

Review: Luminati for iOS

Wolves and Eagles duke it out on a magical battlefield that closely resembles a Connect Four board. Does it all line up, or does the bottom drop out?

Father Frost HD screenshot - cottage

Review: Father Frost

A review of a point-and-click version of a beloved Russian fable. Does this remake of the 2002 Windows title warm the heart, or leave players out in the cold?