Review: Shattered Planet for iOS

Shattered Planet from Kitfox Games is a challenging, free to play game that is all about exploration. Strap in and venture forth into the unknown randomness.

Conjurer Awoken screenshot 3

Review - Conjurer: Awoken

In Conjurer: Awoken, a tower defense games gets the Lovecraft treatment…with mixed results. Read our full review.

Review: Legends of Dawn

Legends of Dawn is a successfully Kickstarted open-world RPG from Dreamatrix with high ambitions that sometimes seem beyond reach…


Review: Toki Tori 2+

In Toki Tori 2+, a black ooze is spreading across your home land. Chirp and stomp to command other animals to assist you in your quest. Read the full review.

Real Estate Empire DECK - reedCard

Review: Real Estate Empire DECK

In Real Estate Empire Deck, you must buy, sell and trade properties to forge a real estate empire. Acquire all plots in a set to upgrade and charge maximum rent.


Shattered Haven: An Indie Game Review

In Shattered Haven, from indie developers Arcen Games, your shelter from the zombies is gone. Now the undead are everywhere, and the way to dispatch them isn’t always clear. To survive, solve each puzzle on the fly.

Sky Alchemist - Potassium-Carbon screenshot

Review: Sky Alchemist

A review of Sky Alchemist – an ambitious tower-defense, assembly-line puzzler with a Steampunk theme and Rube Goldberg influences from eye3ware games. How do all the pieces come together, all told?

star hammer tactics - screenshot 4

Review: Star Hammer Tactics

Star Hammer Tactics is a space-based turn-based strategy game from Black Lab Games, ostensibly the first in a series of games based in the Star Hammer universe.

Caveman Craig 2 - screenshot

Review: Caveman Craig 2

In Caveman Craig 2 you will travel the prehistoric countryside on your quest to become leader of all lands. Can you train your units to be ready for the adversaries ahead?

Review: Keys of a Gamespace

Keys of a Gamespace by Sébastien Genvo working with the University of Metz team offers a stab into a rare genre of gaming – of theory and psychology. Read the full review…

Off-Road Drive Screenshot 5

Review: Off-Road Drive

A review of 1C Company’s Off-Road Drive. While the physics are down and dirty, does this mud-simulator equate to excitement on the “track”?

Review: JigMan!

JigMan! from Head Games Studios feels like a strange mix of the classic games Berzerk and Qix. Does this C64 tribute pay off? Read the full review…

Review: Misfortune - BETA

Misfortune is a Steampunk RPG from independent game developers Loadingames completely drawn by a children’s book illustrator. Read the review of the beta we played…

detour game screenshot one

Review: DETOUR

A review of indie action game Detour from Sandswept Studios – a promising title that still appears under construction…