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Review: Windward

A multiplayer sandbox ship to ship combat and trading game, Windward hints at epic wars, fights for territory, tears of defeat and the salt of loss, but delivers casual, no-risk river trading with the odd pirate to broadside.

Review: Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes by VaragtP is a casual fantasy game where you must do a lot of clicking in order to help a small band of heroes. Read more…

Review: Sparkle 3 Genesis

Sparkle 3 Genesis by Forever Entertainment S. A. is a relaxing, surreal ocean exploration game where you play as a hungry organism. Read more…

Review: Please, Don't Touch Anything

Despite some vaguely satirical elements, Please, Don’t Touch Anything from developer Four Quarters, is a surprisingly abstract puzzle game.

Review: Shelter 2 by Might and Delight

Shelter 2 by Might and Delight brings a new beast into the woods. Guide a mother lynx as she raises her young kittens into adulthood. Read our full review.

Review: Prison Life RPG

This satirical prison life simulator for Apple devices is a decent enough time-killer, but its punishing, dice-driven mechanics and crass humor won’t be for everyone.