Edge of Space, play screen

Preview: Edge of Space

Try to terraform an alien world in this fascinating but frustrating sci-fi take on Terraria. Or get eaten by giant space crabs. Probably both. Read our full preview…

Review: 99 Levels To Hell

99 Levels To Hell feels like a mixture of Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac. It’s a fast paced roguelike, but how does compare to the game’s influences?

Dream Flight game screenshot-city

Review: Dream Flight

Dream Flight by Jameson Quave is a soporific runner that promises to induce the wonder of flying inside a dream. But in spite of it’s rather fresh premise, does it fire the imagination? Read the full review…

Review: Spice Road

Spice Road explores the establishment of European trade routes with the East during the 18th century. It’s an important period of human history, yet one that’s seen few portrayals in gaming. That’s a shame, because it’s a concept rife with strategic potential—exploration, resource management, construction and trade in foreign lands full of military threats, political intrigue and cultural clashes could keep strategy fans engrossed for countless hours.

Glare game screenshot - shooting enemies

Review: Glare

Glare from Colorado-based indie developer Phobic Studios is an ill-lit artistically ambitious platform with some unusual mechanics for the genre. But does it shine a light, or remain in the shadows. Read the full review…

Star Sonata 2 screenshot - UI-shot

Review: Star Sonata 2

From Landauer Games comes Space Sonata 2, a free-to-play MMO space exploration game. Choose your side and engage in combat and trade missions for great justice!

Machines At War 3 screenshot C

Review: Machines at War 3

Employing gameplay elements similar to titles like Command and Conquer, Machines at War 3 plays like an homage to classic RTS games.

omerta_game-screenshot-zoomed in to the action

Review: Omerta - City of Gangsters

Omerta – City of Gangsters is full of promise as it takes on an undercovered genre – the prohibition era in Atlantic City. But did a premature release lead to and underpopulated albeit beautifully designed sandbox? Will recent patches pick up the slack? Read the full review…

Review: Anna

Anna is a horror game wherein you search out clues and solve puzzles to traverse an abandoned sawmill that is shrouded in mystery.

Review: A Pixel Escape

Ever wonder how that annoying black pixel appeared on your expensive display? Help one dot on his journey to slip the bonds of his flat screen prison.

Review: Croixleur

A brave heroine must face her greatest challenge to secure control of the realm. Her childhood rival will try to stand in her way. Will ultimate victory be hers?

Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge

War games are too serious. You can’t spell slaughter without laughter! Take control of the one soldier who can push those blokes from the Black Army back!

Review: La-Mulana (remake)

Known for being unforgiving with few save points and cryptic puzzles, La-Mulana was remade and released on PC and WiiWare seven years later by the original developers. With added features and decreased difficulty, how does the new version fare?


Review: Guns of Icarus Online

Developed in Unity by Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Online is the multiplayer version of their original release by the same name. How do these raucous dirigible-battles fare in PvP? Read the full review…