Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge

War games are too serious. You can’t spell slaughter without laughter! Take control of the one soldier who can push those blokes from the Black Army back!

Review: La-Mulana (remake)

Known for being unforgiving with few save points and cryptic puzzles, La-Mulana was remade and released on PC and WiiWare seven years later by the original developers. With added features and decreased difficulty, how does the new version fare?

Review: Guns of Icarus Online

Developed in Unity by Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Online is the multiplayer version of their original release by the same name. How do these raucous dirigible-battles fare in PvP? Read the full review…

Review: Pushcat

Pushcat is a retro-styled indie casual game like Bubble Bobble meets Match 3 from indie developer Zut games that attempts to update the genre with double-layered puzzles and overlaid conditions. But our reviewer is having flashbacks to casinos and other childhood traumas…read the full report…

Review: But to Paint a Universe

But to Paint a Universe is a mellow, casual indie match up game from developer Marten Jonsson. But does it sparkle? Read the full review…

Review: RobotRiot

RobotRiot is a classic shooter/platformer reminiscent of a wide array of classics from the arcade era. The gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone who enjoyed retro titles like Contra or Megaman; you take control of a small robot with a rapid fire cannon, running, gunning and puzzling your way through various levels set on space ships. RobotRiot certainly ticks the retro box but does it bring anything new to the table?