Blocksum – Indie Video Game Review – A Fast, Addictive Game for Puzzle and Math Lovers!

Blocksum is a Tetris-like game from Japan that works with numbers instead of colors or shapes. You really have to think fast or the game will consume you!

In order to play, it is best to jump right in. You have to match the same number (or numbers that add together to get that number hence the sum in the name) and that exact number of blocks to get points.  For example, if the number is 5, you have to get 5 blocks with the number 5 in them or sums of 5.

After playing the game several times, it is quite addicting!  I had to get used to the blocks rising from the bottom instead of the top.  Some fast thinking, and I was on my way to killing some time and having fun. The graphics are appealing and modern looking.  The screen is fairly simple, with big fonts and easy to see information such as the time clock and points.  The sound is pretty good; fast-paced music and action noises abound. I had to turn down the sound since it was often a little overwhelming me.  It is indeed a refreshing twist (despite being yet another) spin off Tetris, perhaps mixed with Sudoku – they took a fun game and tweaked it.

Millions enjoy Tetris, so why not just make a few changes?  It’s just a new way to play.

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