Kerbal Space Program screenshot

Preview: Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program, by Squad Games, is a free space simulation game that consists of creating rockets and sending your astronauts called Kerbals into space. It’s still in development, and at this current moment in time doesn’t have much in the way of objectives or goals. Read the review and see how its coming along…

labyr game screenshot 1

Review: Labyr – Abstract Pac-Man, hold the Wakka.

Developer Summary: Labyr is a simple atmospheric arcade-rpg, where every time the character dies he wakes up in a different environment with his old stats and stuff. Eventually, in the cicle of death and respawn he ends up back in the first world. If you like arcade-rpg and atmospheric games, defenitely check it out! What …


Review – Choice of Romance and Choice of Intrigues

Choice of Games is a game development company that specializes in iPhone and Android apps that consist of following and creating your own story. The release of this sequel to Choice of Romance called Choice of Intrigues also marks the release of this series to the Amazon Kindle.


Asskickers screenshot 2

Review – The Asskickers, beat ’em up retro style

The Asskickers, by Ago Games, is a new beat-’em-up with a retro feel that released this week. This is Ago Games’ first release into the gaming world, with this game they hoped to bring back the feel of the classic beat-’em-up with a new thematic direction. Along with that classic arcade-style game play comes some …