Review: Binary Maze

R-Boy and L-Girl were on a collective path to love, when monsters stole their heart! She heads left, and he heads right as they both barrel towards victory.


Review: Rise of the Ravager

Rise of the Ravager from Gentleman Squid Studios pits you against a god eager to be revived. Find the rhythm of battle and take out his multi-hued minions!

Review: Cognition - Episode 1

Erica Reed is a detective with a rare gift: She can see into the past. Only her talent paired with her deductive prowess can help her catch four notorious killers.

Review: Marvin's Mittens

Don your snowsuit and venture into a magical winter realm. Help Marvin find his lost mitten in an epic adventure. Just remember to be home in time for dinner!

Hotline Miami screenshot 1

Hotline Miami

In Hotline Miami from Dennaton Games, crazed voices compel you to wage war on Miami’s underworld using a wide range of firearms and melee weapons to dispatch hordes of foes in a most graphic and stylish fashion.

Roller Coaster Rampage screenshot - crazy train

Review: Roller Coaster Rampage

In Roller Coaster Rampage you create insane coasters loaded with twists, drops and loops. Now ride through them in mind-blowing 3D! Read our full review…

Review: Auralux

As Auralux from indie developer Ed McNeill has attempted to simplify how an RTS is to be played, it has also succeeded quite admirably in shedding unnecessary layers in its presentation as well. The majesty of space has been boiled down to the bare minimum of planets and little particles of light. Find out more in this review of the game

Review: Frogs vs Storks

Cateia Games, the makers of Kaptain Brawe present a puzzling struggle for swamp supremacy with puzzle game Frogs vs Storks. Stay on your webbed toes, or croak.

Indie Game Review - Incognito: Episode 2

Episode two of ambitious and immersive FPS title Incognito from Magrathean games – does this second installment get noticed, or does it blend into the backdrop?

Review of Incognito: Episode 1

Review of Incognito: Episode 1 from independent Canadian game developer Magrathean. How does the first episode in the epic indie fare?

The story-line that weaves together the cross-genre web of game-play that is Incognito is kind of like what would happen if an episode of Doctor Who did it with an episode of the Twilight Zone. The resulting offspring is a vague but seemingly colourful tale that is going to be told across multiple downloadable episodes.