Windward Screenshot 1

Review: Windward

A multiplayer sandbox ship to ship combat and trading game, Windward hints at epic wars, fights for territory, tears of defeat and the salt of loss, but delivers casual, no-risk river trading with the odd pirate to broadside.

Spellweaver screenshot 4

Review: Spellweaver TCG

Still in closed beta, Spellweaver enters the crowded TCG field with some exciting new twists on the classic formula pioneered by Magic: The Gathering.

Aaru's Awakening: Dusk

Review: Aaru's Awakening

This short but beautifully hand-drawn platformer will see you utilize teleport mechanics in a new way as you explore and battle the four phases of the day.


Review: Bloop Reloaded

A liquid puzzle bordering on “physics toy” territory, this potion-mixing game is lighthearted and fun.


Review: Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is a deck-building Rogue-lite unlike anything else out there. Read our full review of this indie standout for D&D enthusiasts…

Soccertron screenshot 1

Review: Soccertron

In Soccertron, you strap on a jet pack and take to the sky in a battle to get the ball past the other guy. Read our full review.