Reus screenshot 1

Reus by Abbey Games

Reus is a handsome -looking god game from indie developer Abbey Games that is just as likely to engage a puzzler audience as it is Black and White ex-pats. Read the full review…

Real Estate Empire DECK - reedCard

Review: Real Estate Empire DECK

In Real Estate Empire Deck, you must buy, sell and trade properties to forge a real estate empire. Acquire all plots in a set to upgrade and charge maximum rent.


Review: Monaco

Monaco by indie devs Pocketwatch Games is a slick co-op robbery adventure. Assemble your team of criminal specialists, and reap the spoils of the perfect heist.


Shattered Haven: An Indie Game Review

In Shattered Haven, from indie developers Arcen Games, your shelter from the zombies is gone. Now the undead are everywhere, and the way to dispatch them isn’t always clear. To survive, solve each puzzle on the fly.

factorio concept art

Preview: Factorio

From a small indie game development team based in Prague, Czech Republic comes Factorio, a 2D crafting sim about building factories on a hostile alien planet. Read our preview of the alpha build, and then watch the gameplay video…

Review: Sherbet Thieves - Moonshine Edition

The interstellar sherbet reserves are being raided! Suit up with a jet pack and load up with some high-powered alien doohickeys and send those thieves a-packin’! Read the full review and watch the gameplay video…

Retrovirus_canons in city

Review: Retrovirus

Retrovirus from indie developer Cadenza Interactive (creators of Sol Survivor) is a 360 shooter in the same vein as Descent, wherein your job is to inoculate a computer from software viruses, available now on Steam. Read our review…

AI War Ancient Shadows swarms screenshot

Review: AI War's Ancient Shadows Expansion

The fourth expansion for AI War from Arcen Games adds a bevvy of new gameplay options in addition to Hero-mode that can return interesting upgrades to help you against the swarms of intelligent fleets coming to destroy you, Read the full review…

teleglitch - line of sight screenshot

Review: Teleglitch

Three years in the making, Teleglitch is a fast-paced arcade style Rogue-like inspired by DOOM 3 that will get your heart pumping and palms sweating as you blast your way through procedurally-generated levels and face permadeath.

air_buccaneers-screenshot flamethrower

Review: Air Buccaneers

Air Buccaneers from indie developer Ludocraft Ltd. pushes the emerging aerial dirigible combat genre forward, this time featuring Vikings! Read the full review of Steam’s latest Greenlight voted game…


Review: Guns of Icarus Online

Developed in Unity by Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Online is the multiplayer version of their original release by the same name. How do these raucous dirigible-battles fare in PvP? Read the full review…

dust: an elysian tail - screenshot

Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail

Dust: An Elysian Tail from tiny indie development team Humble Hearts for XBOX Live Arcade is a beautifully rendered, multi-layered platform that forms the near-perfect play experience that is the basis of this review…


Preview: Path of Exile

An expansive preview of Path of Exile – the new action RPG hack and slash from New Zealand indie developers Grinding Gear Games

Driftmoon RPG - inventory and HUD screenshot

Review: Driftmoon RPG alpha build

Here at IGR, we don’t usually review games that are still in Alpha. But, we were asked to give our take on an epic RPG called DriftMoon, with an assurance and confidence that we would find it to our liking. I feel that this confidence is not misplaced.

Escape Goat game - mouse ally

Review: Escape Goat

Escape Goat for XBOX 360 indie marketplace, in its puny title glory, comes to us from Magical Time Bean, the makers of Soul Caster (which has just been released for the PC) Read the full review…