Review: Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs

Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs is a tower defense game with a RTS twist. There is a lot that can go wrong when combining these genres. How well do they blend?

Review: Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary love from indie game devs Doppler interactive is a subdued exploration game with no fixed agenda and lots to collect. See how it colored our world.

Review: Gigantic Army

What do you get when you mix Contra with Metal Slug? You’d get something along the lines of Gigantic Army. Old school action side-scroller with a lot of style.

Review: Paper Sorcerer

Paper Sorcerer is a game created for old school, turn based RPG fans. With a great combat system and an intriguing premise, what can go wrong? Read our review.

Review: Vertigoo for iOS

Vertigoo is an iOS game that offers a good amount of challenge. Taking place in a dark, strange world, it offers a good amount of variety. But is it worth your time? Read the full review…