HES Ball 2016 ball-room

Hand Eye Society Ball 2016

Glitz, glamor and gaming: Hand Eye Society Ball 2016 had it all. At Toronto’s Masonic Temple, we took in the eats, the games….and the shadowy rituals? Read our full writeup.


Review - Replica by Somi

You’re locked in a cell, staring at someone’s smartphone. The government has locked up your family, and won’t release them until you find incriminating information. Read our full review of Replica.

The Way screenshot trenchcoat

Review - The Way

Your wife has succumbed to an illness, but you refuse to give up. In The Way, you are an explorer on a journey across the cosmos to unlock the secrets of eternal life.

Life Goes On 2016-05-18 21-04-19-16

Review - Life Goes On: Done to Death

Before you lie the bodies of your fallen comrades. Step over those losers and get the Cup of Life! Use the corpses of allies to solve puzzles in life Goes On: Done To Death

Party Hard game screenshot, Casino Party

Review - Party Hard

They won’t turn down the music. So turn out their lights. Become the Party Hard Killer, and stealthily kill everyone who wouldn’t be quiet.

The Sea Will Claim Everything game screenshot, The

The Sea Will Claim Everything

Viewing through a magic window, you must help to heal Underhome, and find a way to depose a greedy despot. Read our review of The Sea Will Claim Everything.

Pills4Skills screenshot 3

Pills4Skills - An Indie Game Review

Pills4Skills is a tricky platformer that challenges the player to flip the world to reach the next pill. Watch the world transform as each pill takes you deeper down the rabbit hole. Read our full review.

firewatch screenshot scraggly tree

Firewatch - An Indie Game Review

His life a mess, Henry takes a job monitoring a state park in Wyoming. Almost completely alone in the woods, a bizarre mystery begins to unfold. Read our full review.

the witness screenshot swamp overlook

The Witness - An Indie Game Review

Jonathan Blow strikes gold again with The Witness. Solve hundreds of puzzles on an island that houses a great secret. Read our full review.

ZombieVikings Super Seagurd

Review: Zombie Vikings

Odin’s eye is stolen by Loki! Rise up and chase down the mischievous trickster in this off-beat side-scrolling brawler. Read our full review.

Kerbal Space Program Launch

Review: Kerbal Space Program by Squad

After 4 years in testing, Kerbal Space Program launches version 1.0! This endearing space travel simulator is nothing shy of phenomenal. Read our full review.