Gryphon Knight Epic game screenshot, pre-boss

Review: Gryphon Knight Epic

From the get-go, Gryphon Knight Epic made me realize two things: 1) Fairytales don’t always have happy endings, and 2) Shoot ‘em up games stress me out. Read the full review of this new title from Cyber Rhino Studios.

leaping deer

Review: The Deer God

The Deer God, developed by Crescent Moon Games, is a challenging platformer circling the idea of karma as well as reincarnation. Read our full review.

dwarves gameplay

We Are The Dwarves - An Indie Game Review

The Dwarves must seek new a new star in the vast reaches of The Endless Stone. Failure will mean the extinction of the race. Read our full review of this tactical adventure game.

brushwood level

Review: Brushwood Buddies

Brushwood Buddies combines cute critters and various crafting techniques in an uncommon, yet quite appealing, puzzle experience.

wondershot in game

Wondershot - An Indie Game Review

In a world where luck is irrelevant and skill is mandatory, Wondershot brings its players that challenging atmosphere many video games tend to lack.

plantera level up

Plantera - An Indie Game Review

In a world of pure happy plantations, Plantera warms the heart of its players. Put on your gardening gloves and read our full review.