ABRISS Review – A Creatively Destructive Puzzle Game

ABRISS game screenshot, Bridge
ABRISS Review – A Creatively Destructive Puzzle Game

Platforms: WIndows PC, Steam

Game Name: ABRISS

Publisher: Astragon Entertainment

Developer: Randwerk

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Release Date: September 5th, 2023

ABRISS by Randwerk

Puzzle games can be tricky. Usually, they are slow-paced, rigid tests of knowledge and patience. But what if the goal was more about blowing stuff up?

In ABRISS, the goal is to create contraptions for the sole purpose of destruction.

ABRISS game screenshot, Canon

Build and Blow Up

Each level is its own mini-puzzle challenge. It requires the player to build a contraption using a limited number of parts to destroy red orbs located inside structures and then rates the effectiveness of that destruction. It’s fairly straightforward but later becomes more and more complex.

Since it requires that you be creative with these contraptions of destruction, there’s some room to experiment. ABRISS gives you enough tools and parts to experiment in a satisfying way. While the limited amount of parts for each stage adds some challenge, these limits don’t feel too restrictive.

The difficulty and puzzle aspects are rewarding. I’d create something, watch it fail, then learn to create something more effective.

In one level, I had to create a small plane with a bomb attached. I watched my creation fail – my plane was too heavy – but it was such a satisfying feeling to learn, go back and edit your designs, and create the perfect destructive device.

ABRISS game screenshot, Explode Gif

How Do Magnets Work?

As mentioned before, levels become more complex, with some involving correct timing or moving structures. Many require more intricate, specialized parts like magnets and missiles.

Since ABRISS is essentially a physics-based puzzle game, it often requires you to keep gravity in mind, taking into account weight, distance, and speed.

Thankfully, the physics in ABRISS make sense. Destroyed structures destroyed fall in realistic ways. When the integrity of a tall structure is compromised, it falls and crumbles in a seemingly natural way. It’s all very impressive from a technical standpoint and makes conquering these puzzles more satisfying.

The game’s Campaign mode offers plenty of challenging puzzles to sink your teeth into. There’s also an Endless mode and Steam Workshop support. There’s so much mayhem and destruction to be had!

Let’s Go in for a Closer Look

There are a couple of nitpicky things I have to mention. Mainly, its camera can feel too weighty at times; I wish it felt more snappy. The camera also feels a little cumbersome when you want to look underneath the contraptions you’re creating.

I also would have liked the ability to reset puzzles instantaneously. These issues really are minor, though, and don’t hinder the game that much.

ABRISS has a cold, futuristic feel for its overall aesthetic. With its stages rendered in muted colors, its desolate, void-like spaces feel unnerving and sterile.

Bass-filled synths give the music a techno-noir feel. It’s perfect ambient music to create a bleak, somewhat otherworldly cyberpunk atmosphere.

ABRISS game screenshot, Orbs

ABRISS is a satisfying puzzle game with a whole lot of fun destruction. Its puzzles give enough leeway for creativity while also being challenging. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

ABRISS is available via Steam.

Check out the official trailer for ABRISS below: