8-Bit Is the New Black

rocket_riot_for_XBLAA few years ago I wrote a screenplay treatment about a movie called 8-Bit, inspired by an art gallery installation that paid tribute to the great 8-Bit games of yore rendered in beautiful oil and canvas paintings.

This week I have come across a growing number of videos that also find their muse in the pixelated style of the 8-Bit ouevre.  Add to that the enormous popularity of not only classic 8-Bit arcade games on high-def consoles like the Xbox 360, but the emergence of neo 8-Bit games like Rocket Riot – an indie game that graduated from the Indie dev marketplace to the bona fide XBLA catalog.

Is it pure nostalgia or something deeper in the transforming human psyche that commands our interest, like a scratch in an old vinyl 45?

Behold 8-Bit Waterslide in Real Life


Exhibit B:

8-bit trip

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