2012 Independent Games Festival Winners Announced

Another IGF has come and gone and it has left behind a list!  Here are the winners announced for 2012, note the reappearance of Fez and Spelunky, old favorites at these sorts of fetes. Can’t wait until they are actually out! (Spelunky for console in this case, since it has already been around for years).

Fez dev Phil Fish walks away with $30K in prize money. Daniel Benmergui, dev behind Storyteller won the $5K cash prize that comes with the Nuovo Award.

Per the official IGF announcement:

“The Nuovo Award honors abstract, shortform, and unconventional game development which “advances the medium and the way we think about games.” Storyteller lets the player drop characters into given story panels, where they react according to their personality traits.”

Nice to see Antichamber get some nods, we had fun playing it in Culver City back at IndieCade 2011. Check out our video interview with its developer Alexander Bruce.

Oh yeah, here is

The 2012 Independent Games Festival Winners: